Alkaline Tonic

Alkaline Tonic


Alkaline Tonic – Alkaline Water

Essential, Neutralizing, Alkaline water which helps you hydrate faster, absorb more nutrients and balances the pH in your gut aiding digestion and bloating!

Hydrates the body on a cellular level, helping your body absorb more nutrients, providing more molecular hydrogen aiding in mental alertness and faster muscle recovery time, promoting beneficial microflora in the digestive tract adding energy and vitality to every drop!

Every drop of water is precious.Our H20 ionizer and filtration system produces the cleanest, healthiest, safest water in the world, which is why we use it in all of our products, from our coffee to our mylks! While most water filters add chemicals to the water to kill bacteria dual filtration system removes over 200 contaminates while adding hydrogen and oxygen into the water!

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