Glow Show - Grapefruit, Aloe Vera, Cayenne, MSM
Collagen, Circulation and Hydration Boost For Skin

MSM plays a major, major role in the production and assimilation of glutathione in your precious bod, and glutathione is your most essential element for whole body detoxification. Glutathione is not able to be produced in the body without the presence of adequate sulfur.  Glutathione is absolutely essential for removing these heavy metals and toxins from the organs and bloodstream. Therefore, we need not say more about feeding yourself more MSM, daily. It is is a total badass free-radical scavenger. The Vitamen C boost in the Grapefruit helps increase collagen production in the skin while the Aloe Vera is ultra hydrating for the skin. Cayenne is a great blood circulation agent moving more nutrients and oxygen through the body to the skin surface! Get yo’ GLOW!

Our Wellness Shots are a concentrated jolt of nutrients specifically designed to focus on certain problematic areas of our bodies, such as muscle inflammation, immunity system, gut flora and skin tissue!

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