Matcha + MCT Oil is our favorite way to start the day (plus our Wall Street Journal and New York Times ;) We have been starting our day off with this power couple for quite some time now! The Matcha Latte with MCT Oil officially replaced our coffee with heavy creamer every morning and the benefits have been Amazing!

Replacing the heavy amounts of caffeine from coffee with Matcha, a ceremonial Japanese green tea, has given us sustained energy throughout the day without the crash and jitters! Matcha gives the brain and metabolism a boost along with a surge of antioxidant!

MCT Oil gives your body the exact fuel it craves, converting these healthy fats to instant energy for your body and brain. MCT Oil puts your body into a Fat Burning mode while subsiding other cravings for sugar, salt, fried foods, alcohol and drugs.

Also replacing the heavy cream with our Almond + Oat Milk has improved our skin, digestion and bloating! Try adding a teaspoon of our Power Boost to your Matcha for an extra Kick to get you through the day!

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