Grove Almond + Oat Milk

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We make our signature Grove milk blend in house using almonds, steel-cut oats, dates for a bit of sweetness, alkaline water and a smidge of pink salt! This is what we use in all our bottled products as well as all our cafe items ~ lattes, smoothies & snacks! Our creamy blend is not only full of flavor but contains protein, fiber, calcium, and Omega-3 fatty acids! The alkaline water balances the pH of the gut helping foods digest easier helping you absorb more nutrients and use them more efficiently! As always our products are made-daily, raw, and plant-based & do not contain any refined sugars, artificial ingredients, chemicals or preservatives! ALL NATURAL, ALL REAL! Perfect for those avoiding the dairy train!

Our Vanilla Almond and Coco Power have our Vegan Protein Blend (a Rice + Pea Protein mix), which covers the entire amino acid chain and will help repair and rebuild muscle tissue!

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