We have customized three cleanses, designed specifically with you in mind! Learn more about our signature packs below! Also read our Cleanse Q & A Post!

Green Routine Cleanse
Best for Weight Loss, Bloating, Digestion
The Green Routine Cleanse is BEST for Weight-Loss, Bloating, Indigestion, Constipation and Overall Gut Health!  All these leafy greens normalize the pH of the stomach so your body can break down foods more easily and absorb and distribute nutrients properly!  This serious reboot will help everything from your digestion system to the color of your skin! 

1.     Garden Grove
2.     Matcha
3.     Green Supreme
4.     Almond Vanilla or Coco Power
5.     Sweet Jane
6.     Chai Hydrator

 Liquid Diet Add-Ons:
1. Y-3 Shot
2.  Detox Tonic (recommend 3 per day with cleanse)
3.  Power Boost (take in AM & Afternoon)

Plant-Based Diet Add-Ons:
1.  Green Machine Smoothie
2.  Avocado Bowl
3.  Matcha Latte

Detox Cleanse
Best for Detoxifying & Rebooting the System
The Detox Cleanse is best for knocking the toxins and stressors we endure out of the system!  From pollution to processed foods we absorb harmful chemicals everyday, not to mention our own bodies produce stress hormones like cortisol which can interfere immune function, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease and weight gain.

1.     Garden Grove
2.    Tango
3.     Knockout
4.     Blue Jay
5.     Royale Roots
6.     Chai Hydrator

Liquid Diet Add-Ons:
1.  Gut Shot  (take in AM), Flu Shot (take in the afternoon)
2.  Detox Tonic (recommend 3 per day with cleanse)
3.  Immunity Boost (Take AM + PM)

-Plant-Base Diet Add-Ons:
1.  Grove Berry Smoothie
2.  Acai Bowl
3.  Goldyn Latte


Replenish Cleanse
Best for Nourishing, Brightening and Beautifying

The Replenish Cleanse is best for refueling on essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for a top performing mind, body and spirit promoting brightening and beautifying through a Vitamin C, Nutrient and Hydration Blast supporting skin tissue and the immune system!  You will be Glowing from the inside out feeling healthy, strong and beautiful!

1.     Seasonal Citrus Juice
2.    Yonce
3.     Tango
4.     Almond Vanilla or Coco Power
5.     Ruby Red
6.     Chai Hydrator

 Liquid Diet Add-Ons:
1.  Glow Shot  (take in AM), Y-3 Shot (take in afternoon)
2.  Beauty Tonic (recommend 3 per day with cleanse)
3.  Radiance Boost (Take in AM + PM)

-Plant-Base Diet Add-Ons:
1.  Grove Berry Smoothie
2.  Granola Bowl
3.  Rose Beso Latte

16oz Standard Cleanse - 1, 2 or 3 Days
8oz Light Rinse - 1,2 or 3 Days
*Refer to our Blog Post ~ Cleansing Guide & Tips

Cleanse Day Order
1.     Morning
2.     Mid-Morning
3.     Lunch
4.     Mid-afternoon
5.     Dinner
6.     Evening